Las Vegas Escorts Maria


My name's Maria and I am the full service hottie that you have always dreamed of. Your wishes are my commands. They call me Maria but I am the furthest thing from a virgin. I can dress up and hit the town but I can also make your wildest fantasies come true.

I Love to be sexy...

I can go from demure waif to sexy stripper in an instant. I am a true artist when it comes to performing for men. The best part is when we go out, only you can put a few dollas in my g-string. I won't let any other guy touch me. It's all about you babe!

Am I The Girl For you?

Oops, I did say that I was artsy. Stripping is an art right? lol. What woman doesn’t want to be a stripper, right? Give her a few shots of tequila, and she’d be all over the table, flinging clothes off piece by piece. Sadly most women won’t do that, even after they down a more than two Long Island Iced Teas! Most women are just way too inhibited. If your the kind of guy that wants to see his wife stripping on the bar, but she just won't do it, I might be the girl for you!

Let's go see a show and then get something to eat. Or, we can skip all of that and head back to the room. I can hold my liquor, too. You want to go shot for shot? Don't be shocked if I end up drinking you under the table!